Symphony Leadership

Trusted Advisor Program


The Trusted Advisor Program is designed for clients seeking to build strong trusting client relationships. It has a strong relevance for Directors, Business Development and Account Managers within professional service firms, legal, accounting and consulting firms and in the banking and finance, funds management, IT, insurance and marketing sectors.

Many service professionals possess strong technical knowledge and experience, but have difficulty effectively promoting themselves at the same time as demonstrating an ability to listen and care for their clients’ concerns, necessary to build trust.

With this interactive, informative and fun training using real life examples gained from program interviews, client research and a detailed audit, professionals rapidly advance to a trusted advisor status with their clients as detailed on the relationship matrix. (See downloadable version of Peter Burow’s article on the side bar).

The foundational program aids in establishing and deepening relationships to promote cross selling, gaining client referrals, broadening reach, advancing new relationships, overcoming challenges whilst increasing measurable trust levels.

The program highlights the need to build each criteria of trust as detailed in David Maister’s book “The Trusted Advisor”. After a few ongoing coaching sessions to embed learnings, executives often return for further training to understand how their own and their clients’ personality, emotional focus and unconscious patterns drives behaviours, understanding and effectiveness in deepening professional relationships.

“….Thank you for last week’s Trusted Advisor Program. It was the most impactful training I have experienced in my 15 years at the bank…”