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What others have said of Tim Rossi of Symphony Leadership:

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"… is an ideal coach. By a process of gentle questioning, aided by an engaging but unassuming manner, he takes his clients on a painless and profitable journey of self-discovery."

Chairman of Partners. National Legal Firm

"…have been extremely pleased with the progress I have made. I have gained confidence in my interactions with peers, staff and customers, and have been able to negotiate several important business deals which I had thought would be very difficult to achieve."

Executive Chairman. Australian Wine Company

"…a very rewarding, challenging and enlightening experience.

…provides me with a forum and sounding board to discuss and explore immediate managerial and leadership issues as well longer term matters around my strengths and areas for development.

…has assisted me in developing a broader range of skills to deal with leadership and managerial challenges.

..the sessions have been conducted in an atmosphere of trust, empathy and honesty."

Chief Financial Officer. International Investment Bank

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"…In the cases that have been referred to Tim, we have seen in short time frames (3 to 6 months) material change in behaviours. Less stressed and more focussed people with more productive working relationships which has translated into the more effective operations and increased productivity of the teams in which they work.

…Those teams vary from 10 – 50 people directly but it is increasingly noticed for those people that they indirectly interact with across the division and broader Bank.

….Unsolicited comments such as 'I am really enjoying working with this person now' and 'we have achieved more in the last 3 months than in the previous 12 months due to the more collaborative approach taken by this person' are testament to Tim’s success."

HR General Manager. Australian Trading Bank

Tim Rossi

"...Tim’s compelling coaching abilities are built around the learning’s from a strong business CV with successful organisations, his life experiences and a simple, straightforward conversational style.

...He supports these insights with practical techniques that will provide an enhanced mastery of range of skills needed to be a well rounded and grounded leader.

...Working with Tim is a challenging and rewarding experience…And the benefits for those you work with and live with are evident."

HR General Manager. International Fund Manager

"...Tim helped me see how my motivations to assist others, was sometimes misunderstood by them.

...extremely useful in my development to bring out the best in my professional behaviours.

...greatly increased the number of successful interactions with my peers, reports, the leadership team and others in the firm and across the bank."

Director. Financial Services Group

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"...greatly assisted me in clarifying my work goals and aspirations and helped me to develop a road map for achieving those goals.

...have made me more aware of my leadership qualities and how to positively influence those people that are important to me in achieving my goals.

...has given me greater clarity of my impact on people and enabled me to more positively impact the lives of family, friends and work colleagues."

Director. International Accounting Firm

"...has helped me see how I view myself as well as those I interact with.

...learning to minimise the unfavourable and to see a greater perspective on the positives and negatives of this type of personality.

...a more positive influence on those I work with and get to use my strengths to leverage better outcomes for both myself and those I deal with."

Director. International Accounting Firm

"...helped me develop and practice my skills in a safe and supportive environment. I now approach networking events with increased confidence and as a result have been able to create many more opportunities out of such events."

Business Owner

"...Our professors and the Faculty of Commerce and Economics Team of senior staff thoroughly enjoyed our mentoring and building corporate relationships processes facilitated by Tim Rossi of Symphony Leadership."

Dean Faculty Australian University

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"...It's what the world needs. Teaching leaders to bring more of themselves to their relationships and organisations."

General Manager. Listed Australian Retailer

"A great program that provided me with the opportunity to experience and practice different tools that will significantly improve my leadership. The environment that the facilitators created was open, honest, safe and challenging. Thank you for the opportunity!"

General Manager. International Financial Services Group

"...providing me with clarity and focus, and in facilitating my own positive behaviour change….several points you raised in our sessions that really resonated with me and motivated me to take action."

Business Owner

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" the holistic approach that he uses, giving a context for the decisions that he helps me make…he asks the right questions - including the difficult ones.

...knowing that he has been there gives me confidence in the advice he gives and activities I pursue."

MD. Marketing Company

"…Tim has really helped raise my level of self awareness….He has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me the space to work on these in our sessions. Time spent with Tim is both challenging and invaluable."

Director. NGO