Symphony Leadership

Executive Coaching


Symphony draws on the inherent knowledge, experience and wisdom of the executive as well as those of the coach to apply a considered, questioning, conversational style to coaching.

Apart from his breath of commercial experience, Tim employs a range of evidence based coaching methodologies to support leaders in their roles.

With coaching sessions, leaders have a forum to reflect on the levels of self awareness of their technical needs, abilities, strategies and action plans to meet and report on any gaps.

These sessions also consider and build on their EQ range as well as beliefs, values, identities and behaviours empowering or challenging their effective leadership.

Working to their strengths, and focusing on key development areas, leaders appreciate the companioning support to change mind sets, learn new skills and effectively lead their teams and organisations.

Career Development Coaching

Symphony companions executives at different cycles and transition points in their lives to help them realign with their sense of purpose, identity, belonging and legacy.

Stakeholder Management Coaching

Symphony supports executives in effective stakeholder management skills including all forms of communication skills, negotiation skills, conflict resolution skills, collaboration and influencing skills.

Executives come to a clearer understanding of how to effectively manage relationships with others in and related to their organisation. They are supported to bring out the best in themselves and others in all their interactions. They learn and embed new skills including offering concise feedback, confronting conflict, avoiding pitfalls of miscommunication, coaching and  inspiring others to achieve goals.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Supporting executives to create powerful, meaningful and authentic messages to promote themselves, their product or service offerings, their organisations and their ideals.

Trusted Advisor Coaching

Companioning, mentoring and coaching executives in the science/art of building trusted advisor relationships with key clients, their colleagues and the communities.

Team Coaching

Symphony supports leaders and executives in teams, including virtual, project orientated, new and old teams to come together using their strengths to enjoy the full benefits of collaboration.

High performance leadership teams which enjoy the synergy of alignment require constant effective communication and Symphony supports team leaders and members to achieve success and plan for and address challenges as they arise.