Symphony Leadership

Facilitation and Leadership Programs


Symphony draws on the experience and subject matter expertise of professionals including, Tim Rossi, Peter Burow, Toni Scoble, Dr James Walker, and others to facilitate:

  • Visioning and Futuring Sessions
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing Sessions
  • Brainstorming, Problem Solving and Thought Leadership Sessions
  • Major staff reorganisation communications
  • Major board presentations
  • Holistic Health Discussions
  • Other Stakeholder and community meetings

Corporate Retreats and Transformational Leadership Programs

Symphony also designs and facilitates executive offsite retreats and invigorating re-energising programs for executives and their spouses. Clients speak of their renewed sense of purpose, legacy, commitment and balance.

Symphony works with Peter Burow and Toni Scoble and clients to design and deliver corporate retreats and transformational leadership programs.

Symphony supports PwC to design and facilitate the annual Pinnacle Program. Pinnacle provides an inspirational climate to reward and rejuvenate PwC partners and their spouses to create a vision for their legacy in the partnership.and for some, their transition and future beyond PwC. It explores how they would like to shape the next phase of their life. It looks at professional and personal success, well-being, networks and relationships. Couples come away with an insight into the options they would like to pursue, and a road map for themselves, their family, community and professional life.

Pinnacle Quotes: "…more dialogue on this subject than otherwise would have been possible" and " opportunity to be more soul searching than we would otherwise have been", "…Pinnacle was a warm, nurturing experience",” …How different we all are in our preparedness for this very important career change in our lives....Pinnacle is High Performance Culture in action. It shows that the firm really does care about all of it's people” and  "…sense that we were all in this together, both as a couple and as a group of couples."

Symphony’s transformational leadership consultant, Peter Burow consults to and trains a number of Australia’s largest publicly listed companies and government organisations. Peter is the author of several books including Neuro Power, The Human Operating System, Core Beliefs, Creating Performance-based Cultures, Personality and Performance and Power, Purpose and Principal.  

Peter recently facilitated a transformational leadership program for a large government organisation: “…Undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best Transformational Leadership trainings and trainer in Australia.”

Symphony will co-design and facilitate customisable retreats and transformational leadership programs for national and international organisations. Please contact Tim.